In spring 2019 I traveled to St. Louis and Iowa to shoot video for the National Basketry Organization (NBO). They hired me to create a piece that showcased their two 2019 Lifetime Achievement Recipients, Joanna Shantz and Jane Sauer. 


Traditional Arts Upstate New York

In the Summer of 2018 I interned for TAUNY or Traditional Arts Upstate New York. I worked there for 10 weeks, traveled over 1,200 miles, interviewed over  a dozen traditional artists, and produced 9 videos that showcase traditional and regional artists. Most of my activities were centered around preparing for TAUNY’s 25th anniversary of their North Country Heritage  Award. In addition to the interviews and videos, I created a calender of events related to the NCHA, helped construct and intereactive map of the recipients, worked events, and advised TAUNY on social media branding. 


Picture by Tim Evans

Kentucky Crafted Market: Woven Treasures

In spring 2019 I helped plan and work the Woven Treasures section at the Kentucky Crafted Market in Lexington. The Woven Treasure section featured a narrative stage, baskets on display, demonstrations, and a hands on activity. To the right you can see me teaching some kids how to make a simple basket. 

Horse Cave Heritage Festival

In fall of 2018 I helped work the Horse Cave Heritage for Kentucky Folklife Program. As a team, we manned and rotated between all the necessary stations for the narrative stage. To the right you can see me working as a recorder, and camera operator. 

Hammer In!

In fall 2018 I helped work the Hammer In! event for the Kentucky Folklife Program. This is an event where blacksmiths and metal workers from around Bowling Green, KY come to showcase their craft on the grounds of the Kentucky Museum. I worked by helping manage demonstrators tables while they were at the narrative stage, and as a counter. 


Photo by Anne Rappaport


For the 2018 – 2019 school year, I served as the president for the Folk Studies Graduate Association for the Folk Studies and Anthropology Department at Western Kentucky University. I managed meetings and acted as a liaison between faculty and fellow students. Here is a picture next to the secretary of the club, Kate McElroy. 

AFS Co-Convener

At the American Folklore Society Annual Meeting in 2018 I was elected to be a co-convener for the AFS Graduate Student and Young Professional Section. This position lasts for two years. 

Image source: AFS website banner

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